When used properly within the decision marking process, data is an essential driver in program and promotion success. However, the increased sophistication and complexity that has bequeathed the industry has made it difficult for brands to tap into the right set of analytics strategies that best suits their business. With this white paper, we aim to take the guesswork away from the world of data and divulge three promotions data trends that you can implement into your own programs. 

What you'll learn:
  • Why platforms like branded microsites and social logins are essential for CRM and loyalty
  • How receipt data can improve your competitor awareness 
  • How data from receipts can inform you on critical shopping behaviors 

Check Out Some Related Cases

Wanting to incentivize sales and drive non-KFR members to sign up, a program on the SnippCheck platform was created where eligible consumers who purchase six participating products can submit their receipt via email or on the KFR site and earn up to 3 movie tickets. 

Looking to drive sales and strengthen their relationship with Kroger, Sparkling Ice partnered with Snipp to create a rewards program where eligible consumers who make purchases at Kroger can submit their receipt on a fully branded Sparkling Ice rewards store and download their favorite music. 

Sparkling Ice