Modern Millennials are as diverse as they are numerous. They are the largest, most diverse generation in the U.S. and they are the social trendsetters and influencers that shape the direction of culture and technology. The success with which brands can inspire their Millennial audience inevitably has a long-lasting impact on ROI. In this white paper, we’ll provide you with the most important trends and insights surrounding this complicated consumer group, so that you can converse freely and easily with the people that stand to impact your bottom-line most of all.

What you'll learn:
  • How simply "targeting Millennials" isn't enough and how brand marketing needs to be hyper focused
  • How traditional loyalty models aren't enough, and what your programs need in order to be successful with this vital demographic
  • The best strategy to engage Millennials on social and user generated content

Check Out Some Related Cases

To help Kellogg's build a stronger connection with Millennials, "Battle of the Cans" was created. Consumers were asked to watch videos of 2 college bands playing on Pringle cans, and then they voted for their favorite video and the winning college received a prize!

Partnering with Pepsico, we ran a sweepstakes program in which we leveraged their sponsorship of the National Football League. Consumers were able to text select keywords and were sent a link to a respective micro-site where they were entered to win Pepsi Swag.