Loyalty360 talked to Eoin O'Sullivan, Global Director of Analytics and BI at Snipp, to find out the latest trends that loyalty marketers should be aware of and incorporate into their respective business strategies. 

What you'll learn:
  • Why loyalty program data science is so important 
  • Trends in loyalty program data science
  • What is being done well in the area of loyalty program data science, and where the main challenges lie
  • Predictions for the future of loyalty program data science

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Barbara's wanted to drive sales while highlighting the companies support for endangered animals. Utilizing SnippLoyalty, a program was created where shoppers earn points from both purchase and non-purchase behaviors, such as watching videos and downloading activities for kids.  

Using the Snipp platform, Caruso is running a loyalty reward program across their properties where eligible consumers at any retailer on the Caruso properties can submit their receipt and win loyalty points and parking vouchers. 

Caruso Rewards