Millennials are becoming parents at a rapid rate; nearly one in four are already parents, and there is an estimated 60 million who will have children in the next 15 years. This is huge news for marketers since, as a tech-savvy generation with a huge spending power, Millennial parents – particularly Millennial Moms – are shaking up industries and redefining how brands communicate with consumers. Focusing on Millennial Moms, this white paper will examine the ways in which marketers can understand and connect with this influential demographic.
In this white paper, marketers will find out:
  • What makes Millennial Moms tick: their shopping style, spending habits, online behavior, values and preferred social media platforms.
  • How Millennial Moms are increasingly relying on online communities to learn about new products and post reviews and opinions, and the key driving factors that determine whether a Millennial Mom will purchase a product.
  • Case studies of brand promotions that have successfully and authentically engaged this demographic.

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