With Mother's Day just a few months away, it's hard not to look forward to flowers, breakfast in bed, and that warm fuzzy feeling - regardless of whether you're on the giving or receiving end. However, for brands, Mother's Day can present both a challenge and an opportunity to make a big impact from this one-day-a-year shopping event. All it takes is a little information and a lot of innovation, so keep this infographic close to your heart to ensure Mother's Day nurtures your marketing well into maturity. 

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Barbara's wanted to increase sales during the Mother's Day shopping period, so they partnered with Snipp to create a sweepstakes program where eligible consumers can earn instant gifts like coupons, electronic gift-cards and an entry into a grand prize sweepstakes for a gift card worth $1,000. 
Dove wanted to incentivize sales during the Mother's Day buying season, so they partnered with Snipp to create a rewards program where eligible consumers  can submit their receipt to receive a magazine subscription of their choice.