Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two brands, in which the promotional 'whole' is expected to be bigger than each individual brand's 'sum'. Co-branding a promotion can be an effective way to increase public awareness of each partnering brand, break into new markets, and create value for all parties - including consumers. In order to help our brand and agency partners, we've put together this comprehensive white paper on the competitive advantages of using co-branded promotions. 

What you'll learn:
  • How co-branded promotions are capable of casting a wider, more diverse net for new potential customers
  • How they can help build a more desirable brand image
  • Why they can get your brand better retail support such as new shelf space and improved retail distribution
  • How co-branded promotions allow brands to offer better incentives for lower costs
  • Considerations for creating a co-branded promotion

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OFF! and Banana Boat wanted to drive a cross brand promotion to increase sales for the spring/summer camping season. With the help of Snipp, a highly customized rewards program was created where eligible consumers can receive retailer specific gift cards.
Banana Boat & OFF!

Red Bull wanted to target the Xbox consumer demographic to drive sales, so they partnered with Snipp to create a rewards program where eligible consumers  can submit their receipt to get a Xbox 1 month subscription code. 

Red Bull & Xbox