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Camille Kennedy

Head of Marketing

Snipp Interactive

Due to the overwhelming success of our “Today’s Shoppers” webinar this past May, we will be sharing updated insights and more in our webinar “Today’s Shoppers - Key Demographic Insights - Part 2”. We will explore industry research and compile comprehensive profiles on who shoppers are today, what they are doing, and how you can win them over in the retail aisle!

This webinar will cover key demographic information on: Generation Z, Baby Boomers and High/Low Income earners. We will also be sharing updates on the Shopper Mom, Millennials and the New Age Male.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The habits and behaviors of key demographics both in and out of the aisle
  • The emergence of Gen Z; constantly connected and easily distracted
  • How Baby Boomer’s higher incomes make way for more purchases
  • The difference and similarities in shopping habits of High/Low Income earners
  • Updates on the Shopper Mom, Millennial and New Age Male demographic

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