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Drive Brand Performance with Social Crowds & Rewards 


Matthew Listro

Matthew Listro 

VP, Strategic Relationships


Camille Kennedy

Camille Kennedy

Head of Marketing

Snipp Interactive


Join the VP, Strategic Relationships of Crowdtap and the Head of Marketing at Hip Digital (now Snipp Interactive) to learn how the right social crowd and the right content and rewards can drive success for a brand’s social share of voice online and in the retail aisle.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why brands are launching social advocacy communities to engage brand ambassadors and to help drive awareness of the promotion and products
  • How an effective digital and social strategy can also complement marketing and awareness in place of traditional marketing tactics such as in-store FSIs
  • How to build a crowd and what makes a successful crowd of ambassadors
  • How a successful promotion comes to life with a social crowd and in-store rewards; Clorox Instant Rewards at Walmart

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