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The Power of Sweepstakes

Digital Sweepstakes & Contests White Paper
Looking to drive excitement for your brand? Sweepstakes are hugely successful in engaging a wide variety of ages, genders and income levels – in fact millions of consumers enter each year!

For brands, this presents an opportunity to engage consumers but also generate interest and obtain valuable data about your audience. To better help you, we’ve compiled a guide to Digital Sweepstakes & Contests to help marketers strategize and execute digital sweepstakes and contests that will truly resonate with consumers in a way that creates positive buzz, driving purchase and ultimately, increasing loyalty to your brand.

    What You'll Learn:
    • A better understanding of which demographics are participating in sweepstakes & contests
    • The many benefits of executing a digital sweepstakes or contest, for both consumers and marketers alike
    • The importance of digital sweepstakes to collect consumer data and generate a strong, up-to-date database
    • How to choose effective rewards that both reflect your brand and entice consumers

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