Key Trends in Loyalty

Key Trends In Loyalty
Loyalty program signups have jumped 25.5% from 2012 to 2014, but more than half of Americans registered for such programs don’t even bother to participate. It seems consumers are more than willing to register for loyalty programs, but actively eliciting program participation is an entirely different issue.
Retaining and engaging consumers requires going beyond points and frequency cards, in order to build true loyalty that transcends the transaction. Gone are the days of offering lack-luster rewards on mobile-unfriendly loyalty platforms. Brands need to understand the key trends in the loyalty space to deliver programs that truly offer a unique and memorable experience for their consumers.
Not sure where to get started? Read our latest whitepaper “Key Trends in Loyalty”, which compiles new industry insights with thoughtful best practices to help your brand or agency develop loyalty programs that actually achieve lasting success.

    What You'll Learn:
    • The role digital and mobile play in providing a seamless customer experience
    • How brands are developing a more holistic approach to loyalty that transcends the single purchase transaction
    • Why big data means big insights (and big returns!) for brands utilizing loyalty platforms
    • How brands are creating partnerships that foster new digital ecosystems and unlock value

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