Generation Z: Understanding how this generation engages with retail



Do you want to engage the newest (and youngest) target market on the horizon? If so, you need to know more about Generation Z.

While this generation ranges in age from 2-19, the core influence of Gen Z comes from the 11-19 age group. So what is so different about Gen Z? Not only are they are smart, socially validated and digitally obsessive, but they also have tremendous buying power and make up 25% of the US population.

But how do brands, retailers and agency partners capture the attention of such an easily distracted generation? Read our whitepaper: Engaging Generation Z at Retail to find out!

    What You'll Learn:

    • The best marketing tactics you can apply to target, engage and convert Gen Z today
    • The buying power and influence Gen Z have as consumers
    • How being born connected has made Gen Z extremely digital & distracted
    • Gen Z's digital entertainment consumption rates and why this is important to brands

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