Engaging Hispanic Americans:
A $1.5 Trillion Brand

In order for brands and retailers to market effectively in an evolving marketplace, it's important to understand the changing cultural structure of the US. The growth of Hispanic Americans is one of the major trends influencing shopper marketing today. Not only is this group on track to make up 30% of the population by 2060, but their cultural traits, digital behaviors and spending habits require brands to target and engage them differently than the general population. In our whitepaper, we will explore trends and traits of this influential group and highlight what this means for brand marketers today.

    What You'll Learn:

    • Why the ever growing Hispanic population is also spending more than ever
    • The influence Millennials and Shopper Mom have on Hispanic spending habits
    • How Hispanics are leading the mobile revolution
    • What influences the way Hispanics shop and switch brands

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