2015 Marketer’s Guide to
The Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl influencing over $12 billion in spending, marketers who are able to activate consumers before, during, and after the big game have the potential to significantly increase their sales. The ways in which modern audiences interact with the Super Bowl, and with the brands that engage them, are shaped by constantly evolving technological and digital tendencies. In this infographic, we outline the general landscape of consumption and shopping behaviors during the Super Bowl, the ways in which digital technology affect how audiences interact with the game, the most likely markets and industries to have their sales impacted, and how the Super Bowl stimulates the overall demand for entertainment and digital content.

    What You'll Learn:

  • An overview of the shopping and spending landscape that surrounds the Super Bowl
  • The manner in which technology affects audience engagement with the Super Bowl
  • A snapshot of the key markets and industries that are likely to have their sales impacted
  • Key figures on entertainment and digital content consumption stimulated by the Super Bowl

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