Holiday 2014
Shopping Trends Revealed

Back in October, we released our “6 Quick Holiday Marketing Tips” infographic, brimming with predictions about how the winter shopping season would play out. Now that the 2014 has come and gone, we examined the multitude of lessons that brands can utilize to improve their marketing strategies for the future. In fact, the 2014 holiday season set one of the biggest sales records in recent history, posting the largest growth since 2011 with cumulative spending clocking in at over half a trillion dollars in the US. But what avenues did consumers ultimately traverse in order to undertake this massive amount of spending? In this infographic, we will examine what marketing tactics were effective in converting consumers during the holidays, and what lessons marketers can learn as we head into 2015 and beyond.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The overall growth of the holidays as a season for massive consumer shopping & spending
    • The technological avenues consumers traverse in order to maximize their shopping habits
    • The key role that traditional channels like brick-and-mortar continue to play
    • Crucial strategies for brands looking to engage and convert holiday shoppers

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