Demographic Snapshot of
Shopper Mom

Moms are brand powerhouses when it comes to shopping, and they continue to exercise these patterns in the digital age. Moms influence over $2.4 trillion dollars of annual household spending in the US and make 85% of all consumer product purchases. By 2028, moms are expected to earn more than the average male, further increasing their spending power. Being able to market to and engage moms is critical to brand performance. Here is our Demographic Snapshot of Shopper Mom, a guide which help brands target, engage, and convert the Shopper Mom demographic.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The spending power and influence of Shopper Mom, and why she matters to brands
    • How technology and digital devices influence Shopper Mom’s in-store purchase habits
    • The importance of digital entertainment content to Shopper Mom
    • Best practices and strategies for brands who want to target, engage, and convert Shopper Mom

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