Demographic Snapshot of
Teen & Millennial

For brands that want to tackle the rapidly changing marketing landscape, targeting Millennials is their best bet to ensure long lasting sales, ROI, and loyalty. There are currently 90 million Millennials in the US, and within the next 5 years, they will have more purchasing power than any other generation, collectively spending over $1.4 trillion. They currently spend up to $18,000 a year per person, with a large portion of that figure devoted to discretionary purchases. In order to capture the attention and sales of Millennials, we present our Demographic Snapshot of Teens & Millennials, to help guide our brand & agency partners.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The spending power and influence of Teens & Millennials, and why they matter to brands
    • How technology and digital devices influence Teen & Millennial in-store purchase habits?
    • The importance of digital entertainment content to Teens & Millennials
    • Best practices and strategies for brands who want to target, engage, and convert Teen & Millennial

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