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Shopper Marketing - Keys to Succeeding at Retail


Wendy Reeves

Wendy Reeves

Account Director

The Integer Group

Brad Josling

Brad Josling

VP of Sales

Snipp Interactive


Join The Integer Group’s Wendy Reeves (Account Director) and Hip Digital (now Snipp Interactive) Brad Josling (VP of Sales) as we discuss: Shopper Marketing - Keys to Succeeding at Retail. Consumers are more demanding than ever before, leveraging technology to make decisions and switch brands while in the store aisle. As a result, retailers are challenging brands to bring even more innovative shopper marketing programs to retail. But retailers aren’t willing to accept just any program or promotion from a brand – they are looking for programs that meet key retailer criteria, including account specific exclusive offers.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Exclusivity & Account Specific Offers
  • Mobile and Omni-channel Shopping Experiences
  • Redefined Value Offers
  • Relevance to Retailer Priorities & Objectives

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