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Today's Shoppers: Key Demographic Insights

Camille Kennedy

Camille Kennedy

Head of Marketing

Snipp Interactive



Consumers today are changing at a rapid pace, using modern conveniences to interact, research, and buy. Likewise, their shopping habits and behaviors are changing depending on their gender, age and income.

In this webinar, we explore industry research and compile comprehensive profiles on who shoppers are today, what they are doing, and how you can win them in the retail aisle! Featured demographic segments include Shopper Mom, Millennials, and the New-age Male, with best practice tips in order to ensure your brand successfully engages and converts them at retail


What You’ll Learn:

  • The habits and behaviors of key demographics both in and out of the retail aisle
  • The continuing relevance of Shopper Mom in the digital age
  • New insights on how Millennials interact with bricks-and-mortar
  • Why brands under-estimate the importance of Male Shopper

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