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Data Insights & Digital Promotions: How To Drive Revenue At Retail With Promotional Intelligence

Seth Sarelson

Seth Sarelson

Chief Operating Officer


John Fauller

Executive Vice President, Product & Innovation

Snipp Interactive

The rise of Omni-channel has created a growing need for obtaining data assets that link all channels of engagement to in-store purchases. But with technology constantly changing, how can brands decide what data assets lead to smarter marketing and better customer experience?

In this webinar, we will explain how digital promotions can help your brand build the data assets that are necessary to succeed at retail.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How digital promotions can finally bridge the gap between out of store engagement and in-store sales
  • How promotional technology and data assets will improve the relationship you have with your consumers
  • How to finally "own your data", so your brand can build database infrastructure for lasting marketing empowerment
  • Where to obtain detailed insights from promotions including basket size analysis, product ROI, channel drivers, demographics and more

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