A Marketer's Guide to
Digital Rebates

A Marketer's Guide to Digital Rebates
Rebates are a great way to incentivize purchase, move inventory, and establish loyalty amongst consumers. But consumers are no longer interested in the cumbersome process of mailing in rebates and receiving a check to deposit; they want rebates the same way they want everything else: digital!
Digital rebates open up a whole new world for marketers and eases the pain of delivering rebates at retail. With new cash equivalent offerings to reward consumers with like PayPal, direct deposit, and pre-paid credit cards, rebates create a consumer-friendly experience that resonates better with target markets AND deliver a plethora of customer data to analyze instantly.
Looking for a few tips to enhance your digital rebates strategy? Check out our guide to digital rebates using the form to the right!

    What You'll Learn:
    • An overview of the rebate landscape and why traditional rebates are falling short of consumer expectations
    • How digital can transform the way we deliver rebates and the customer experience
    • The benefits of using digital rebates in your marketing strategy
    • Best practices for designing a smarter rebate that appeals to your target market

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