Demographic Trends:
Engaging Shopper Mom
at Retail

While moms have always been an extremely influential segment for brands and retailers, today, she is more important than ever before. Moms are brand powerhouses when it comes to shopping and they continue to exercise these patterns in the digital age. The adoption of the internet and new mobile technologies amongst Shopper Mom has caused a shift in the way she goes about her every day, including the way she shops and makes purchase decisions.

As a result, tactics, promotions and advertisements that marketers use to engage this group must evolve. Discover how to ramp up your demographic marketing strategy with this whitepaper on how to effectively engage and market to Shopper Mom.

    What You'll Learn:

    • The amount of spending Shopper Mom controls
    • The channels through which you can best reach and influence Shopper Mom
    • The mediums that mom is using for information about brands and promotions
    • The best ways to incent moms to switch brands or try a new product

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