Engaging Asian Americans:
A Digital Savvy Market Force

When it comes to effectively understanding new markets and target audiences, brands and retailers must be educated about the changing cultural structure of the US population. Now, 190 million Asian Americans live in the US and account for approximately 6% of the total population. With a collective buying power of one trillion by 2017, a great opportunity for brands and retailers is evident among the Asian American community.

In our whitepaper we will examine what brands and retailers need to do in order to engage Asian Americans. Businesses must understand the trends, tastes and preferences of this segment as it pertains to shopping, spending, marketing preferences and digital media usage to actively convert them and build brand loyalty.

    What You'll Learn:

    • A detailed understanding of the Asian American community’s shopping and spending habits
    • How this group responds to marketing promotions
    • Common ways Asian Americans interact with mobile devices
    • Why Asian Americans consume media and digital content twice as much as any other population

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