The Baby Boomers: Understanding how this generation engages

with retail

With Baby Boomers now representing 25% of the U.S. population, brands and retailers must be aware of the trends and practices of this growing segment. They are high earners and big spenders, spending $400 billion on consumer goods and services alone. It is now crucial for marketers to solidify strategies to capitalize on the wealth that is associated with Baby Boomers.

In this whitepaper, discover the key practices that brands can implement to better engage Baby Boomers at retail. Baby Boomers are technologically involved opening the opportunity to provide them with valuable digital rewards. Along with that, retailers must customize their stores to better fit the needs of Boomers. 

    What You'll Learn:

    • A demographic overview to generate deep understanding about the Baby Boomer generation
    • The power that Boomers have as consumers
    • How Baby Boomers use digital technology today
    • The ways that Boomers engage with entertainment content
    • The best marketing tactics you can apply to target Baby Boomers

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