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The State of Loyalty in 2017:
An Exclusive Webinar with Snipp
& Loyalty360

Carlos-Snipp-2017 200x200.jpg

Carlos Dunlap-Beard

VP, Loyalty Solutions & Business Development


Christian Hausammann Headshot 150x150.png

Christian Hausammann

Global Director of Loyalty


Loyalty in the US is at a tipping point. With the number of companies entering the marketplace and competing for consumer attention skyrocketing, capturing consumer loyalty is not an option - it is essential to the survival of brands. In fact, according to eMarketer, the majority of US marketers intend to allocate more of their budgets to customer loyalty in 2017, with many anticipating significant increases in spending on loyalty.

However, knowing how to spend your budget on loyalty is part in parcel to succeeding in the market place. Join Snipp and Loyalty360 as we examine the state of loyalty in 2017, bringing brands the information they need to ensure loyalty initiatives are focused, strategic, and ultimately, will win over consumers for the long term.
What you'll learn:
  •  Key trends for loyalty in 2017, such as the importance of “Lifestyle Loyalty”
  • Best practices for setting up winning programs. Want to know how to incorporate the Internet of Things into your own loyalty program? We’ve got you covered!
  • A special model & framework developed by our industry leading loyalty consultants to keep you on track as you plan for and manage your loyalty initiatives

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