B2B relationships between brands and their channel partners are no longer as clear-cut as in the past. With the evolution of digital and online mediums, new breeds of channel partners have emerged, with roles to play beyond mere sales. The B2B goal is now to turn channel partners into brand advocates, for which they need to be courted, incentivized, trained, and compensated. In order to help our brand and agency clients navigate the ins and outs of this new landscape, we’ve put together a guide to making B2B better.

What you'll learn:
  • Understanding B2B brand relationships
  • How to turn channel partners into brand advocates
  • Key considerations when offering B2B incentives

Check Out Some Related Cases

Snipp created a gamification-based solution for Oakley to incentivize retailers/individual sales reps to sell its products, by using leaderboards to highlight the leading sales people and retailers to foster friendly competition. “Flash rewards” were offered regularly to drive product sales, with individuals and store teams rewarded separately.

Snipp helped Bacardi established a loyalty platform that allows participating businesses to earn rewards packages by simply partaking in the program, and subsequent rewards can be earned based on points thresholds every time a wholesaler invoice is uploaded to the program.